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Propane Tank Size, How to Determine the Propane Tank Size

Propane is the fuel that is used all around the year at various places. Depending on your needs and requirements the propane tanks are available in different sizes. Selecting a propane tank is very easy. To make this task easy, we have tried to list out different aspects taken into consideration for selecting a propane tank.

For sizing the tanks for residential purposes:
  • Calculate the square feet of house
  • List the number of appliances running on the fuel
  • The size of appliances running on it, which is BTU Rating
  • Whereabouts of pool heater or hot tub dependent on propane tank
  • Quality of insulation
  • The customers interest in supply protection
For sizing the tanks for commercial and industrial purposes keep in mind :
  • The job it is used for.
  • Are they used for heating in the large large warehouse or areas?
  • Are the propane applied for forklift or fleet refueling?
  • In the commercial kitchens more fuel is used for cooking and griller, hence a larger tank is used.
Besides, these common factors that should be kept in the mind are whether it is a temporary placement or not and whether the tank is to be used around the year or not?

In short, depending on applications and various other factors highlighted above the size of the tank can be determined.
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