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Used Propane Tank Buying Tips, Advice on Buying Used Propane Tank

Buying a used propane tank is not an easy task. Following things should be kept in mind while buying an old used propane tank:
  1. Before buying the propane tank, inspect the tank completely.
  2. Make a complete list of the repairs to be done. Keep in mind the following things while thoroughly checking the propane tanks:
a) Whether trailer jack is working.
b) Check for nuts, cracks and splits.
c) Check for regulators.
d) Check for battery and see whether the bulbs inside are burning bright or not?
e) Converter is another important thing to look for. If the 12-V lights, water pump are working then the converter is still working.
f) Are stabilizers working or not?
    • Its mandatory to install an Overfill Prevention Device (OPD) thereby ensuring yourself that the tank you buy must have it.
    • Do not buy tanks older than 12 years, as the cost of replacing the valve is going to be very high.
    • Try to buy a propane tank in good condition, as it has less chances of getting exploded
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